Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Smelly Trains

Happy Birthday to the United Kingdom! May this tercentenary day be a peaceful one for every subject of Her Majesty.

My laptops power cable finally, after several months of Jim patching it back together, gave up the ghost this weekend. Hence I am late updating! A new power cable should arrive this weekend and, fingers crossed, should fit my disfigured laptop power connection (bodging has it's downsides!).

It has been rather refreshing to be without the internet at home however. I've read every pamphlet I could find, reread magazines, actually properly focussed on television programmes (Ann Widdecombe V. The Hoodies. I don't know who is more anti social... I sure wouldn't want to bump into Ms. Widdecombe in a dark alley; she'd probably tell me off for not walking properly or something. :) )

My trains to and from work yesterday were awful! The morning train had a bloke on it who smelt like he'd found a pile of smoking weed and decided to sleep in it for the night. There is nothing wrong with people smoking cannabis in their own homes. But please do not inflict that hideous smell on others!

Then as I boarded the train home I did my usual worry of "Oh I hope I don't stink after a day at work..." I need not have worried. A man got on and stood next to me and he smelt so strongly of old man that I almost puked. People moved away. I stood my ground and he got off the train 2 minutes later. Sadly his smell didn't. By the end of the journey everyone in the carriage smelt like him and I rushed home and had a bath.

I am not someone who moans about other peoples smell, looks or habits normally. But these two people were actually the worst smelling people I've ever encountered. To meet them both on the same day was a singularly hideous coincidence.

And in further comment to my last post here is a story about the support for an English Parliament. At first it sounds very fair. The Scots and Welsh have their own assemblies. Why shouldn't the English?

Well here's why: 1) for us Unionists it's just another step towards the eventual destruction of our country. 2) who is going to pay for this??? we have better things to be spending our money on than creating another level of politicians. We need less levels of politicians at logical steps. So districts for the day to day stuff (rubbish collecting for instance), counties for the more complex matters (such as social care) and then countries for the big things (such as foreign policy). NO MORE POLITICIANS!

Let's just join with France.


  1. Anonymous1:44 pm

    One time I was part of a train. I was like the third guy to hit and yea the room smelled pretty bad not from the girl but from beer and weed and stuff on the floor. but yeah it was ok.

  2. i carry a can of toilet spray and spray people when they get near and stink or spray the carriage if it smells bad.

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