Monday, April 10, 2006

Tomorrow I Think I'll Talk About... Raggy Dolls!

Fingers crossed everyone for a Centre Left victory in Italy. Berlusconi turned out to be one very unsavoury fellow who has done little to stop Italy becoming the new poor man of Europe. I've read a few interviews where people have complimented him on making Italy known around the world. 1) he sure did but known for having a rather rude and corrupt leader (in his own words) and 2) who could forget Italy in the first place?????? It's too beautiful and beguiling to not know about.

Well everyone go pay a visit to my tenant (right hand side) and say hi! That blog is sooo cool.

Last night I saw Hostel. It was a good movie, however it was totally disgusting. No I'm not talking about the violence (gory and extreme)... I'm talking about the hideous amount of naked female bodies! ;o) But I liked it and trust me if you like women and horror... you'll love this movie!!! OK.. I'll admit it... two of the blokes are lovely as well...

Also trying to watch Godzilla vs Destroyer on my iPod. You have to love Japanese Godzilla movies... awesome!

I saw the below picture and thought some rather naughty things... isn't he glorious??


  1. Hmm. He seems to be concealing something in his trunks. Looks like a weapon of some sort.

  2. hmm put those two pic together and u got it right.

    alot has to be said about hessian bags.

  3. HI,






  4. the left appears to have won in Italy but by a very small margin (0,1 percent for the lower house and 2 seats in the senate) so Berlusconi wants a recount

  5. Okay, I'm just a girl, but DAAAYUMMMM, he surely is fine! Gorgeous specimen of a man. :) Thanks for having me as a renter this week! I promise not to make too much noise or too big of a mess.

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