Sunday, April 09, 2006

Movie Time

As the kids are down this weekend Jim and I took them to the Greenwich Picturehouse to see Ice Age The Meltdown.

I've read some bad reviews of this movie, but I have to say it does the job... it's entertaining, uncontroversial fluff; just right for a family outing. Sprat, on an endless quest for his acorn, remains the star. He's so cute...

As ever the kids made us watch The Wizard of Oz. Now despite being a Friend of Dorothy I actually prefer the darker Return To Oz. Hey... here's something I didn't know (one of so many things!)... there are 40 canonical Oz books. After Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Narnia movies... it's only a matter of time before they start churning out Oz films!!!

Last night saw Roll Bounce. It's not bad, a real feel good kind of movie. And the boys... C.U.T.E. Set in the summer of 1978 it follows a group of friends who start going to a Northside roll skating disco after their Southside one closes, and spend the summer preparing for a skate off against a very defined bloke called Sweetness. Again, it's a bit of fluff... in a nice way...

And picture of the week goes to this guy... mmm... big arms!!


  1. Jae what is it with you and the big arms? lol
    Total turn off ! Each to their own I suppose.



  2. I wuv big arms... strong and powerful... mmm....

    But hey I don't have a type... I think Brent Corrigan is the cutest guy on the net at the mo, and he sure doesn't have big arms!!!

  3. brents got a big 3rd arm.

    big arms are great, good for carrying shopping.

  4. so was ice age 2 good?

  5. Yeah... twas cool.

  6. Heavens. They are big arms. I`m assuming he`s not pretty though or is there some reason why he has no head?

  7. I haven't cropped the picture so I couldn't comment... Ok I can.. with those arms he could look like Mr Bean for all I care ;op

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