Monday, April 17, 2006

Morally Irresponsible Electorate

So supposedly 25% of the electorate are contemplating voting BNP. And what's the liberal response?

' Liberal Democrat President Simon Hughes urged voters not to be taken in by the "simplistic promises" of the BNP, but said that the main parties had only themselves to blame if people were turning away from them.

He said successive Tory and Labour governments had failed to provide enough affordable housing where families wished to live. '

WHAT???? First off scoring political points in this argument is disgusting. And secondly just because the parties aren't connecting with voters (supposedly!) there can be no excuse for being so idiotic and morally reprehensible as to vote BNP. I hate this whole "blame any one but the individual" argument that always seems to occur. Each and every person who votes for the BNP is voting for even bigger, even more controlling Government. A Government that would take away individuals rights to dictate their own culture and their own lifestyle. That is not a morally neutral vote. Those who vote for less freedom should be condemned.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in freedom of speech and the right to vote. I believe that if you are a racist you should be allowed to say anything you want (as long as it doesn't incite violence or threaten individuals). I do not believe that you have any right over anyone else's lifestyle and if you attempt to take away others freedoms through "fair" or foul means (such as an election) then you are immoral. Government should only be there to protect our freedoms, our lives and our property. The BNP would use it for so much more... hence why I condemn those who vote for them.

'According to Griffin [BNP's leader], homosexuality is “form of behavioural deviancy” and “not a valid lifestyle choice”. He claims the BNP speaks for “the majority of the population” who, he says, believe “homosexuality is wrong” and that it “needs to be pushed humanely but firmly back into the closet”. Griffin warns that if gays continue to “press their aims further” there will be an “almighty backlash” which will result in the imprisonment of all homosexuals.'

Quote from here

Now you understand why I am against gun control...

Two fingers up to the British National Party...


  1. "
    Those who vote for less freedom should be condemned "

    I think that it's worthy of debate at the very least.

    There is a perfectly valid school of thought that human beings do need some form of control and the more liberalised we've become the more us bloggers have to complain about.

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