Friday, March 24, 2006

The Next Millennium: Make It Magnificent

This is my 1000th post on this blog. If this was a television show you'd need to prepare yourself for "A Best Of" compilation of clips, a fireworks display and guest appearances from people I haven't seen in five years.

But we won't have any of that. Just a thank you to everybody who has ever read this blog, who has ever linked here, and to all those special people who have allowed me (as if I gave them a choice!) to write about them...

I just want to link one old post, as a taster of what went before...

Block 33

Amazing how much your life can change in just 5 years...

I have a proposal... I am tired of using Blogger templates, but don't really have the urge to master HTML to the amount needed to properly redesign my blog. So I would love someone to design a template for me... if you're interested there's £40.00 (that's a GAZILLION dollars to any Americans reading this) through Paypal and my infinite thanks in it for you. If you are interested all I want is a template with the theme "Queer London" retaining my title and tagline... that's all I ask!!!

Now... I'm loving Sakis Rouvas, this years male Eurovision presenter and 2004 runner up (Shake It!!)...


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!!!

  2. Congratulations on your 1,oooth post. It keeps us all reading!!

  3. congrats pet... thanks for all the fun and frivolity on your site :)

  4. 1000? Wow! In honor of that I have started reading from the first one and it is all quite lovely. So far.

  5. Happy anniversary, Jae!

  6. I design blogs! Check out my website then email me and I'll take care of you! moodswingcreations

  7. Big sloppy anniversary licks for Jae!!

    Keep it up fella !! Oooeerr !

  8. Thanks you guys! Love you too!

    Ken... good luck!!

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