Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Secret World Of The Gays

I can't remember where I got this pic from so sorry to whomever. But mmm...

I went out last night to the Lavender for Sam Americas "See you soon" drinking session. I may have drunk too much. I may have hugged too much. I may have called my boss "hun".

I'm sure there's a nymphomaniac working platform two of Greenwich station. He has a dog and when I get the late train home once or twice a week I spot him meeting a man... a different one each time. I've occassionally caught snippets of conversation like "Hi I'm *name witheld because I'm nice like that*". They both always have that "I'm gonna be getting jiggy with it soon" feel. Hmm.. good on him I say. I wonder if any of the other sheep like commuters notice this little bit of post gaydar gay life playing out in front of them.

I know my blogs been down. Sorry! I think it's fixed but I've logged a query with Blogger just in case. Cheers Kev for letting me know!!

Blogmad launched today.


  1. and this one has weird eyes....

  2. So, Jae, I know this doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I was wondering what you think of Sir Menzies Campbell? You are a Lib Dem, right?

  3. hey flo... Jim thinks it's been photoshopped so that may explain the eyes... or you are just very very picky!!! ;op

    Natalie... I'll post today about how I feel about Mr Campbell, just for you! :o)

  4. Yay! I feel just honoured! :)

  5. Hi Jay, nice pics. After (re)viewing all the pics for us, wouldn't it be consequent to put some erotic (I mean erotic, not pornographic) photographs of yourself in the blog?

  6. Oh Tom... be careful for what you wish for...

  7. What I have seen until now limits the risk significantly.

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