Saturday, November 17, 2001

Dear Blog,
To start off with I was so not enjoying the cocktail party in Flat B it was really dull. And there was this girl (a strange girl who I only vaguely know) called Carolyn who despite knowing I was gay kept asking to let her give me a blow job. Kieran found it amusing. I did not.
But then.....
Oh my God!!!!!! U will not believe what I did last night!!!!!! Imagine six people drunk and in my communal area (me, Sarah H, Mark, Karen, Cheesy and Zoe). We decide to play a game called "Nervous" where u must try to make the other person nervous any way u can. We all went a bit to far. There was a lot of touchy feeling Sarah put her hands down Marks pants, Zoe gave Cheesy a hard on and I got to enjoy feeling up Mark and more importantly Cheesy (who refused to shout nervous until I told him too as I was getting rather scared). I also managed to undo Karens bra in under 5 seconds (a record?). God it was fun if a bit surreal. Spent £52 quid on alcohol for the block which is very empty this weekend.

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