Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fawlty Towers?

As anyone who has ever read through my archives will know I used to work for a hotel named Faulty Towers; it lived up to the reputation of it's namesake! Well I was watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares last night about Sandgate Hotel (Sandgate being one part of the urban sprawl of Folkestone and Hythe). God it was like travelling back in time...

The music from Fawlty Towers was played throughout the programme as staff used walkie talkies to communicate (Faulty Towers did that too!), the owners were a completely inexperienced couple (check), most of the staff used the bar (check), and the chef was slightly mad (check). It just looked so amatuerish... just like this blogs namesake... I think Folkestonians have lost the ability to run a hotel properly...

OK... my vote for most beautiful man of the decade goes to...


Yoinked from Male and Beautiful


  1. I watched that in astonishment last night. Loosing £2000 a week is like wow pull your fingers out.

    Oh and that male is nice but I'd prefer him in baggier shorts - them speedo things put me off. Can you arrange that :o)

  2. Hehe, I know Johnny who was one of the chefs on the Ramsey programme last night. He took the owners to court cos they didnt pay him!

  3. his hair is abit of a worry...

  4. I second the motion for no speedo, and who is looking at his hair anyway?

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  6. you lot are two picky... he is perfect in my opinion!!!

    Zoe! That sounds like what the Lamberts did to me... it's a repeat of the Faulty Towers experience

  7. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Great choice!

  8. Anonymous11:56 pm

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