Thursday, March 09, 2006

Race The Rats

The morning walk along the South Bank between Charing Cross and work in Vauxhall is totally lovely. It was pouring with rain yesterday and I still loved it. I must be mad! This morning as I strode purposefully down the path, watching carefully for crazy joggers and bicycle riding loons, I spotted two Canada geese flying low over the water past the Palace of Westminster making the loud quacking sound geese make... and I couldn't have been happier. Beautiful.

Last night I went out to Tiger Tiger for work drinks paid for by our suppliers who sent a few big wigs down to keep us from buying too much alcohol. It wasn't as awful as I thought it'd be and there were a few funny moments that will stay with me... such as a gay American called Joe (hmm what is it with gay men with that name?) accosting poor innocent Paul and Scott. The word stereotypical was invented for Joe.

Now isn't the following picture of handsome Tom Welling quite lovely?

5 years ago today the heart of my family was ripped out when the nicest person in the world, my auntie Melly, passed away. She was only 27. Melly... you were the light of our lives, and without you being happy and having a laugh is just that much more difficult. I will always love you Melly.


  1. London is the greatest place for walks in (almost) any weather so you are lucky to be there. Jack and I were in London last year at this time for a couple of weeks. I hope this year late February and early March is warmer. On your way to Vauxhall are you doing The Lambeth Walk?

    Anytime you're Lambeth way,
    Any evening, any day,
    You'll find us all,
    Doin' the Lambeth walk. Oi.

    This damned song starts going through my head over and over every time I check SiteMeter and see I've had a visitor from Lambeth. The only way to stop singing to myself of course is to start singing Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow. I bet you'll be singing that all day!

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