Friday, March 31, 2006

The Budget 2006

Jae's Dream Budget: 1 cute guy = good. 2 cute guys = twice as good. mmm...

Yoinked from Male and Beautiful

Found a great blog today Underneath the Mask. Love it.

Today was Friday and, far more importantly, pay day. And considering the financial hell that was this month I am going to be on a budget as of now, so now for the boring bit!

I have been paid, after tax and student loan repayments, £1232. I have £72 from expenses and am due a refund of £62 in the next couple of days due to a cancelled set of train tickets for Birmingham. So £1366 is coming in.

Currently I have the following debts:

£1200 with Barclays Bank (overdraft no interest)
£200 with Mum
£10 plus lots with the Bank of Jim
£5 with Paul at work because I was too lazy to walk to a cash machine at lunch.

So debts = £1415

And outgoings will be:

Rent: £400
Payment for holiday: £200
Commuting to work: £66.00
Charity payments and misc: £50

£716 will be going out in total.

So I have £650 to play around with.

Easter and Jim's birthday are the unquantifibles in this budget and will have to be looked at on an adhoc basis... I am budgeting myself £100 a week with the financial week starting on a Friday. Out of this weeks I'll pay back £15 to Jim and Paul. I'm down £20 already out of frivolous magazine, croissant and curry purchasing... so I now have £65 for the next 6 days. I can do this... I can do this... I can do this...

So that leaves me £250 plus whatever I can save out of each weeks budget to buy new clothes ready for holiday, Jim's birthday present and Easter eggs for those who deserve. Debts will have to wait till June, my overdraft is officially £1100 so £100 of this budget is a little on the optimistic side... and all donations gratefully received!!!

Irelands Eurovision song for 2006 is... tedious/so last century/the best thing since Gemini?

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