Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Do It All For You!!!!

Today's featured Eurovision act is Cyprus' Annet Aptani. This was less interesting than one dancer from the Ukraine's entry...


Do big cats roam the UK? I'd like to think so... but then I love cryptozoology and it's all probably wishful thinking. But don't be too cynical... it's a harmless belief after all!

Talking of cynical... after a hard days work I got to Waterloo East to find the evening commute in chaos due to a security alert. After it became apparent I might be there for quite some time I caught a train to London Bridge where things were FAR worse. The platforms were ten deep with people... after getting dragged from platform to platform by some very bitter and stupid people I decided to get the tube home. That was far more pleasant. I'll never understand peoples reactions to delayed trains... anger at innocent staff members, impatience, intolerance of others and a complete lack of understanding of the big picture outside of their small, rather pointless little lives. When I saw a man shouting at some poor information desk employee I almost went over and punched him (darn my dislike of physical violence and confrontation). When I saw people standing on the wrong side of the yellow line I almost lost it again... People standing that close to the edge of the platform means the drivers have to go much more slowly, meaning your journey will take longer. And they are not going to hold a late train just for you, because there is a whole rail network to run. So stop having a go at the middle man.

I could understand peoples complaints if our train operators were totally useless but South Eastern has been one of the more competent operators in the country. We now get like one or two days of delay a month... not bad considering!

It worries me that so many stupid little people are allowed to vote,


  1. lol

    that's a hoot

    I've got tix to the Eurovision final this year, we are heading over to Athens from Oz...... are you going? And have you seen the dying donkey that is representing Cyprus this year?

  2. You've got tickets? I hate you! ;op

    I can't go as I'm holidaying in Thailand through May and will only just make it back in time for Eurovision

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