Monday, December 01, 2003

The End Of The Night Never Comes Too Quickly

Was awoken at 4 this morning by Angel bringing a live, and huge, mouse into my room... lovely...

Erm... today.... Rosanna declared her undying love for me after I betrayed my team and helped Correspondence put up their Xmas decoration (best decorated offices wins a prize!). Patricia was back from long term illness, and informed me I had secured my place in heaven by doing a late for her on New Years Eve... tis not like I have anything better to do before 6 on that day.

Gavin stole my Nemo toy at work, and left me a ransom note.... noooooooo.....

Life is crap has become my new mantra... do I have to go to work tomorrow?? me no wanna!

weekend already planned to be boring... Friday day starts promisingly with some Xmas shopping... but that is quickly followed by babysitting, then Saturday night taken with work do. Joy...

Settling back into singledom. Crap. Now I remember why I spend most of my time with randoms.. better than being alone. Ate no chocolate today and one apple.. Jackie at work was most worried!

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