Thursday, December 04, 2003

More Than You Can Ever Know

Today was my first good day since Wednesday last week. More decorations up at work. I have tomorrow off to go Xmas shopping. Saturday night is the work "Dinner dance". I am on what is being described as the dregs table (as in low life scum) cos we are all alcoholic, loud and obnoxious. And we shall live up to this title. There's gonna be me, Stacey, her boyfriend (who is using my spare ticket), Angela, Judith, Claire, and a few of the other usual suspects. The Burlington won't know what hit it.

I don't want a lot for Christmas, this is all I'm asking for:

1) to see my mates, and have a good laugh

2) to dance to cheesy xmas songs at as many xmas parties as possible.

3) to be happy and enjoy myself for a change.

Now listening to some proper rock (Kiss, Van Halen etc) cos it is very cool!

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