Saturday, December 06, 2003

I Think I Better Leave Right Now

Friday I went to Lakeside with Zoe, John and Elliot. It was fun, and rather productive. I bought Xmas presents; a Lush gift pack for Mum, a life sized Homer Simpson cut out for Tony, a Roger Rabbit DVD for Elliot, Rat Race DVD for John and Britney's new album for Laura. And some books and mags for myself.

Stupid comment of the day, while looking at the hamster leashs (!) in Time 4 Pets; "What would anyone need a Hamster leash for?" - Jae. Erm well let's think.... leashing a hamster perhaps?? D'oh!!!! I am silly sometimes!

Yesterday was a good day emotionally again, although was most unhappy with babysitting the twins as they were bloody bastards last night.

Glad that I have sent off for some eye care vouchers at work. My eye sight is getting quite awful now. It is not just annoying but a little frightening. I'll be glad to get to the opticians.

I am off the the Hotel Burlington in a while for the work do. Not actually looking forward to it. Today has been a bad day. Hopefully the work do will be fun... well with Angela and Stacey there it will be hard not to have a little laugh at least!

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