Monday, December 08, 2003

Then I Got High

Oh dear. Saturday night was my work's Xmas party at the Hotel Burlington. I arrived at seven and escorted Laura and Sarah H in. As the place began to fill up me and Sarah H began making plans for an early get away as it looked like it was going to be very boring.

But it actually turned out quite fun. The meal was lovely (if a tad cold), and thanks to Stacey's friend not showing up we had Gareth's meal as well as our own. Mmmmm...

After the meal, the Folkestone staff started dancing. The TVW staff retired to the drinking lounge for a chat. Angela got extremely drunk... David L and his girlfriend began arranging a blind date for me next Friday and a trip to Hastings to boot. I am a tad worried that I may have agreed to this. Claire showed her boobs. I realised the grapevine at work has finally got in to gear and more people are learning about my sexuality. Which is cool. Was planning to go home before midnight, but I got chatting with Sarah B and Kelly, and along with Henry decided to decamp to Jolsons (may the Gods of good taste forgive me).

There I charmed the doorstaff, danced very gayily to such songs as "I Think We're Alone Now" - Tiffany and YMCA. Some stuff happened which caused me, Sarah B and Kelly to vacate and get a taxi to Sarah's... where we stayed up till half 5 talking, drinking and eating dip. Feel asleep on Sarahs sofa..... woke up at half 7 feeling a lot like I had been hit by a truck. Stumbled into Cheriton, and made it to train station.... fell onto train... got off at Westenhanger and madce slow progress home... very slow and painful progress... and then got into bed and didn't get out of it till about 5pm Sunday evening!

Work today was full of post xmas party gossip. I did agree to a date on Friday, or at very least a drunkern night in a house in Hastings. Oh well.... nothing to lose. This weekend started off badly but it has overall been good for me. My feelings for my relationship with Gareth have become more nostalgic than anything. How naive was I??? Anyway have rediscovered my true love... beer.

On my way home today I walked into... Santa and his reindeer! A true story... turned out it was the local charity santa on his sled (mounted on a music playing truck) with reindeer about to go out collecting... scary!!!!!!


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