Saturday, December 13, 2003

Jae Leads The Way To The G-Spot

I have noticed something worrying at work. No matter what happens, how trivial, or unwork related, I get consulted on everything! If someone wants to get sweets for the tuck box they ask my permission to take the money. When someone has an idea for Xmas decorations they tell me, then somehow they make out it was my plan all along and I end up directing it. WHY??? I don't want these responsibilities... exactly how did I become in charge of tuck box?? Why am I Xmas decorations director for half the rooms? Since when does someone require my permission to organise a work do! This must stop!!!!!!

So yesterday... I managed to charm one of the supervisors into letting me start, and thus finish half an hour early. After work me and David drove up to his girlfriends in Ashford to pick her (Lucy) and her cousin Dave up. Had some chips there, and got rid of her 2 and 1/2 year old son Bradley at his grans.

Lucy's house is like one of those you see on Life Of Grime or How Clean Is Your House? It is thus a place I LOVE! I want my hosue to be like that, so liberally tidy (i.e. covered in trash and belongings so much you can't walk on or even see the carpet)

Anyways... we headed to Hastings, and the house we were staying at in St Leonards. Twas a massive house with lots of rooms, and corridors that go round several corners. Thus obviously I got lost constantly...

Headed into town at about 9. Spent 5 minutes in taxi while those who know Hastings and taxi driver tried to find out where G2 was. I must of seen an article about it or something, cos from my subconcious came "Prospect place?" and immediately the taxidriver goes... "Oh I know where you mean!". Freaky or what???? anyway twasn't called G2 anymore it was called Xcess and it was members only...

So that's how we ended up in Yate's where I lusted over 6'6" god. Then we headed to some dive called G-Spot which was bigger, stickierversion of Jolsons. Only good thing about it was it lead to some laughs of the "Oooo... I think I've found the G-Spot" variety.

After an hour in there we thought we were going insane so went to late night dive.. sorry mean bar... called Heroes where we drank lots got involved with some Spaniards, and I won pool.. by default.. but I woN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a good time. Got back to house, watched something on telly... went to sleep. Woke in morning... did hoovering (am so domestic!) and came home. Lucy dropped me and David off by his car, and he turns to me and goes "You know what, I think we need some McDonalds" that must be the second psychic event in less than 24 hours! :op

Got home, and watched double Cagney and Lacey while drinking coke, eating Dairy Milk and reading Guardian. Nothing better in the whole world. Cept a massive sex session with some hot guy/guys.... But really on a Saturday afternoon in Lympne how likely is that??

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