Wednesday, December 24, 2003

We're Going Through Changes

Sunday Matt phoned and saved me from myself. We went out and about had lunch and bought stuff. Got his present. Also bought myself books including my fave "The Picture of Dorian Grey" by Oscar Wilde. I sold my last copy in Rome.

Monday nothing much happened.

Tuesday had a team meal at Morehall pub organised by myself. Had loads to eat. Secret Santa got me a big bottle of Stella and some chocolate. Obviously he had read my list! Also got a Justin calendar from Stacey.. mmmm....

that night went down Gee's and saw Zoe, John, Elliot, Matt, Pete, Claire, Kim, Adam, Sam, and Smiley Laura. Twas quite a crowd!!!!! Had lots to drink. Presents: Zoe got me a big keg of Stella and a Will Young calendar... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm........ Zoe's parents got me a box of chocs, Elliot got me Flight of the Navigator, John got me a Cardigans Album, Claire got me some choc. Cheers guys! Twas also Adam's birthday!

Today.. finished work at 12, got promised wine.. headed to foyer to get it.. was quickly forced to sing carols with a whole lot of other unwilling hostages also brought in by promise of wine. AH! Me and Rosanna made an escape to Brickfields and were soon joined by other escapees. Spent afternoon drinking with mates. Me, Rosanna and Henry were last to leave around half four. We are so the new Hardc0re 3 as Laura and Pete are no longer that hardcore.

Happily merry (off my face) I got a lift home with Mum, watched TV, Debbie Debs gave a pressie... will young calendar... can;t enough is what I say!

Off out in mo..

coming soon... Overview of 2003. The crappest year yet? very possibly. I promise myself next year I won't waste on stupid dreams and just fuck with as many peoples heads as poss. Much more fun. I have spent too long being nice to the wrong people and neglecting my mates. No more! I hate being nice. I shan't any more. Time to embrace my selfish and hateful side.

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