Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Housesitter

Since Monday I have been in charge of Debbie-Debs house down in Hythe and her cat named Ed (who by the way is the cooootest cat ever!). Monday twas Mum's birthday so awoke early and gave her a card (To the best Mum in the world, still looking good at 29... *cough*) and a box of stuff from Lush. Also lent her 130 pounds. We drove down to Hythe with Mum listening to Michael Jacksons Number Ones album (constantly going "never tell anyone I am listening to this vile man!") and visitied Debbie Debs house so Debbie could show me the ropes and how to use the complex timed cat feeder.. scary! I asked what number house it was and Mum goes its the "opposite of a good time". Answers on a post card please (I know what it is!)

Stressful day at work... grr... did have fun looking at people in Hatfields kerazy hairstyles. Much amusement.

That night I trundled back into town and went to the Royal Cheriton. Not as bad as I thought. 12 of us from work showed up. We had a drink then wandered over to Savour Aroma for an all you can eat feast. The Chinese food was gorgeous. Me mates Henry and Lorraine were there. henry of course got very drunk and attempted to start a conversation about Saddam's capture. Very unsuccessfully. Good night, which ended traditionally with me and Henry staying till well beyond last orders in the pub!!!!!

Work today was tedious, after work went down to Hythe with intention of staying at Debbie's. But realising it was cold, had no net access, no curtains, and barest amount of furniture I only spent a couple of hours there, watching Buffy and keeping Ed company. He is sooooo sweet and cuddly. I want 3!!!!!!

Fell in love with the tabloid Indy last night after eddie at shop gave me one for free... woo!

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