Sunday, December 28, 2003

What A Random Day

I was very bored yesterday, my brain was going numb. So I caught the train into town, which was much busy. So decided to go to Canterbury. Pete replied to my offer of free meal and train tickets and off we tottered to Canterbury on the train.

As our train pulled into Canterbury East it went just a tad too far... stranding everyone for a little while as there was no station to get off on to!!!! We headed into town, bought stuff (The Craft, Chicago) and then had a meal at Bar 11, where cute blonde bar man was working... mmm... Had Thai Green Curry, which was FAB!

Returned home, watched some Chicago and then it was off out again. Off , in fact, to Skuba. Lee finally realised I was gay which was scary! Started asking me rather intimate questions!!!!! Ben arrived. Good to see him. He told me some home truths which made me feel a lot better about how this year has turned out. Then we were joined by long missed Becky and Terry along with Becky's much not seen boyfriend Mark, who was cool. Drunk lots, chatted more. Sorry I missed ya at Leas Club Zoe but time just went by so fast!

Anyway Becky and Mark went home, and me and Ben (being gentlemen of the highest degree) accompanyed Terry to Mustangs so she could meet up with her mates. Got some after hours drinks.. mmm... Then me and Ben tottered off down to the Front as it was open till midnight. It looks cool, but I still can't get over it being the Oddfellow Arms. Those were the days!

Got home via muchos expensos taxi. Ouch! With a capital O!

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