Wednesday, December 17, 2003


I hate to admit it. I really don't want to face it. But I feel just like I did in December 2001. Ok. A little worse. I don't think the season has anything to do with it. I think it just so happens crap things happen in the months before Christmas. Oh let's face it. Crap things happen to me all year round, sometimes disguised as good things just so they can knock me down harder.

Today: realised I had messed up works secret santa. Me? Mess something up? Strange huh? Anyway sorted it out.

Found out a girl at work who I work closely with fancies me. This made me feel flattered but annoyed. This colours our friendship somewhat.

It was Staceys birthday which I remembered this year. Maybe it was the hourly countdown over the last 4 weeks that kinda drilled it into my mind.

Xmas spirit almost returned for the first year in the last three. But stubbornly I managed to avoid it. Do you think Santa could bring me a new life for Xmas? Far away from here. With my old mates there of course. But otherwise totally different. That's all I want. Not much? :o(

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