Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Return Of The Brain Dump

Unconnected jibberish - you have been warned

Being single is Hellish. It really is the loneliest kind of lonely. And it is so dull. Really boring.

Relationships.... do I really want one? Cos last time I had one I wasted six months in it for no apparent reason. Do I even believe in love anymore? (see this)

So I don't want to be single. But I don't wanna get involved in a relationship. What I want is a friendship with sex. No worries about the future, a constant here and now, no expectations relationship. hmm.. interesting.

Ok whens the best time to say "Hi hows things?" to your ex, in hopes of rebuilding friendship... January? Febuary? never?? I don't have any idea when to say hi to Gareth and go out with him and Jon (if they'll have me) for a night out.

It's all soooo confusing.

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