Saturday, December 20, 2003


I feel so empty. There isn't any other way of describing my mood at the moment. I think the song "Strange Glue" by Catatonia is the perfect song to reflect it tho and does a lot better describing it as well.

My family are moving to Droitwich. As I don't even know where this is on a map of the UK I shan't be going. Just at the time I want to mope about I have to pick myself up and sort my life out. Great.

I haven't really done much since Monday. Yesterday I was in charge of the entire call centre for an hour, being handed the emergency procedures as all the bosses went to lunch.

I need to go get three more presents today then my Xmas purchasing shall be done.

Anyone doing anything tonight for longer than two hours? I am wigging out here in Lypmne. When is Adam home? Did Laura/wifey say she is home today???

I hate being depressed. I just wanna cheer up. I wish more people could see that it ain't as simple as that. They all just go "Cheer up matey" and "Chin up". It ain't like that. I have a hole in my heart and it won't og away. And ps. this ain't about Gareth. Don't want people to think this is lovesickness. It ain't about anything it's just a state of mind. I wouldn't feel like this if I was with someone, but that's neither here nor there.

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