Sunday, November 30, 2003

Laying It To Rest

God, I am so glad that yesterday is over. That was one horrible day and night.

Ste phoned lasted night which was nice of him. We spent hours catching up.

I have decided the best way to cheer up is to forget about the last six months. I should just carry on where I left off in May. So May - November 2003 goodbye! I shan't be moping around on this blog about it anymore.

Xmas is looking to be just like the last two Xmas' have been; crap. I can not wait for January. I am not going to be expecting Xmas to cheer me up this year, which was the mistake I made last year.

Planning lots of distractions over the next month, such as shopping trips, trips to London to meet mates, random trips to far off places, and also working my socks off. May do what Gavin and Jo do at work and work all day from 8am - 6pm. More money in January for me.

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