Saturday, August 30, 2003

All In My Head

There has been some brilliant songs this year... some of my favs:

The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Kosheen - All In My Head (can words describe how fabtastic this song is?)

Danni Minogue - I Begin To Wonder

Christina Agulliera - Fighter

Plus some ones from times past that I have only just discovered:

Mr Sandman (!!!)

Anything by Dressy Bessy

Anything by The Dixie Chicks

My family went to Barcelona on Thursday leaving me in charge. Silly people. Friday seemed to be just one long commute to and from work. Fun.

Gareth came over last night which was... GRREAT. :op He has gone to work... I need to tidy the house before he gets back.

Planning on going to the Air Show in Folkestone tomorrow as that'd be so cool! I am glad its back! Woo!!!

Folkestone Blogging

As you know I keep my eye on Folkestone blogging activity or try to anyway. So here are two new blogs with vague connections... plus one that should be in my favs but I am too lazy to amend my template...

Let Me Blog

The Stan Files Blog

Blue With Stars

Did see some others but could neither confirm or deny that they were Folkestone blogs...

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