Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Part Of The Process

Per tu Natalie:

Gareth meeting my folks seemed to go scarily well. He seemed to like them, and they seemed to like him. You could say that was a good sign. Althought I am reluctant to say that people liking my family is anything close to resembling good! (See I am still a teenager at heart!)

I saw Muriel's Wedding last night which was very, very cool. Can I move to Sydney?

Work today was bearable, had lunch with Stacey and Patricia at Sarah Janes (which is the cafe me and Mum also "do lunch" in). After work Gareth and Rhianne came and picked me up and we went to Cineworld and saw Terminator 3 (phwoah Arnie... mmm....). Twas very good.. a bit of a soppy ending tho, which almost let it down. The car chases were excellent, and the jokes amusing. Plus Gareth was there which is always a bonus!

Good Luck to .Gene Robinson. Now I must say joining a church that is Judeo-Christian was a tad silly for a gay man. Specially as "Christians" love to quote from parts of the Bible Jesus wasn't in. Which seems a bit bizarre to me. I mean if you are going to devote your life to a bloke, you should at least hang on his every word, and not listen to some bloke named Paul, or to those parts of the Bible the Pharisees so loved.

Just my two cents on a religion I don't even begin to comprehend.

Ok. Plans:

Am going out Friday with Zoe.

Saturday: hair cut, then Brighton Pride hopefully. With (subject to change) Zoe, Jon, Ben and even maybe a guest appearance of Gareth.

Friday 15th: pay day, the worlds my oyster... mmm... oyster....

First week of September: erm.... think me and Gareth are supposed to be going somewhere... must talk to him about that

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