Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

OK... in brief. I didn't go to the air show. I had a lovely day in with Gareth. After he went home I went down Gee's with Jodie, Zoe, and, briefly, Sam. It was good to see him.

The family returned from Barcelona yesterday and I went shopping in Ashford with Zoe. She bought some shoes.. I bought some dodgy videos (Children of the Corn 3!!). And yes I said videos. How retro!!

My long term readers may remember my little wanderings off into the world of homophobia which I used to record. Well I went off on one today and come back, feeling slightly changed. In a good way not in a straight way.

So first the awful stuff....

Dr Laura is someone I have heard about through the gay press. But I didn't realise she was this closed minded and unhelpful. Have a look at some quotes, which are less scary than amusingly simplistic. Quotes

Truth At School is a rather upsetting site. Upsetting as it made me realise that out there, there are some paranoid, unhappy people who seek to lift their spirits through bullying and intolerance. Poor sods. I, like them, don't believe schools should promote any sexuality. What I think schools are there for is to teach tolerance, and grown up debate, to allow choice, and to foster cross-community links. It shouldn't promote marriage any more than sodomy. And unlike them I don't believe it should be somewhere where kids are indoctrinated into a way of life that may be harmful to them (i.e. nuclear families where women are treated like cattle and kids like inferior human beings)

I did find a glimmer of hope. A site that offered choice, and called for tolerance. And God was it a suprise! Free to Be Me is a site which offers those who don't want to be gay a place for advice, while not saying that being gay is wrong. Five stars for effort. And I can't believe I just said that! And here is another breath of fresh air Justice and Respect

Where do I stand on homosexual issues? I believe that homosexuals should be treated as equals before the law, I don't believe they should get special treatment (thus I oppose the school in New York). I believe that if you are unhappy being gay you should by all means find a way to change.

Basically what I believe in is equality and choice. Now who can argue with that?

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