Monday, August 25, 2003

I Begin To Wonder

This summer will forever morebe epitomised by "I Begin To Wonder" by Danni Minogue. It is just such a terrific song.

So how is everyone? Did you know this weekend has been my blogiversary? Two years, and still just about limping on!

The run down:

Friday I went out to the Leas Club with Zoe and John. We were briefly joined by Jodie and a couple of random girls who were cool. When I asked of any ideas for a random trip one said "Cabury's World!". Now that's a girl with the right idea! Gem appeared for about two seconds. Saw the sexy bouncer in civvies. Mmm...

I put Cher on the jukebox but the evil and cruel bar staff skipped it. Thats Cherophobia! So let's all Shoop Shoop a little! Be proud!

Matt, Sam and Maria (Matt's girlfriend) appeared which was lovely. Got quite tipsy.

Saturday I caught a train to Gareth's (after a random phone conversation with a girl named Sarah who works in Gareth's Co-Op), we had something to eat then he drove us down to Jon's and we all got into his very nice car... two drinks holders in back. Quality. ;op

We headed down to Brighton (don't go back for two years then return twice in a month!) where we wandered aimlessly until Jon decided we should go in Charles Street (tis a bar not a road) because there were some cute guys outside. Was nice in there, but a bit too, erm how can I put this without sounding nasty... a bit too conceited. We headed to the Pier (an actual pier not a bar) where there were fireworks, before wandering some more and going into Charles Street again. After that we went into Revenge where I trod on lots of people, accidentally elbowed the rest in the face, and made a general drunkern fool out of myself. Was great fun. Then we got a burger and Jon drove us all back to Ramsgate (a trip I don't remember but am promised it did occur).

Sunday watched There's Something About Mary, Jon drove us to his, we picked up Gareths car, we went to Canterbury (Bar 11 don't you know), and then Blockbusters. Watched Final Destination 2... scary!!! Only because you can't stop death! Ah!

Monday we lazed around all day, I had a random conversation with Gareth's sister, I said the wrong thing to Gareth (big mistake), we went into Canters, had a meal at Bar 11 (you guessed??) after a drink at Spoons (am I just getting too predictable??). He drove me home, we watched Cheerleader, and that is how we got to here.

I am sorry to anyone I haven't replied to message wise... have had NO CREDIT and am on a strict (i.e only one bottle of Pepsi Max an hour) budget.

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