Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Yesterday's day off was very boring. Around seven thirty mum dropped me off somewhere in Sandgate (I was in the mood for a walk).

As I wandered a long my phone rang. So I threw it on the floor and smashed it into a thousand pieces. As you do. I am so clumsy! Got a few pieces together and manage to answer the phone. Twas John checking where I was.

As I walked like a zombie towards Gee's, with just one thought running through my head "Coke, coke, coke, coke" I was awoken by a shout of "JAE!" from the direction of FHODS (Folkestone and Hythe Operatic and Dramatic Society??) Twas Her Blogginess Emmsy. Praise be. She rocks. Sorry I was a bit distracted. I am not sleeping well cos its so hot! So am a bit dazed!

Got to Gee's bought 4 Diet Cokes, and took em to the beach where I found Claire, John and Elliot loitering with a tennis ball. We throw the tennis ball to/at each other for a while before Elliot decided to bury Claire on the beach. As you do.

Zoe soon arrived and we headed back to Gee's where we sat outside and tried not to sound geeky. Failed....

Zoe gave me a lift home. Today I barely managed to survive at work. Was just in a tired, heat induced daze. Angela was most annoyed. "We are not amused with you today". Did something deeply shameful today.

I gave the impression I was straight intentionally to a mate. I have only just started getting to know Russell, and was using my neutral phrase of "my other half" in conversations. When he goes so you like her then? Instead of saying "tis a him" as I normally do I went "Yeah a lot".

I am deeply ashamed of myself. Just didn't want to scare him away. Grr... *hits self over head*

Otherwise am pukka 'cept tired!

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