Sunday, August 03, 2003

No I Can't Explain The Pain You're Going Through

Weekend has had its highs and lows. Saturday I managed to get £20 from Mum without asking! Jon came and picked me up and we went and got Ben. We went to Skuba where I saw German Steph from Eurotunnel, and scary old lady I danced with a while back. Ben proceeded to cover everyone and everything in glitter! We left there and went to Bar 11 in Canterbury, which was cool. Shut Ben's thumb in a car which wasn't very cool! Oops. He was very brave.

Then we headed to Caddies/Woody's and danced. I may hate dancing but it's always good to be with mates. Cool Saturday.

Sunday I awoke on Jon's settee, smelly, tired, hungover, and glittery! Oh well... Ben and Jon awoke and we went and got ingredients for a fry up. Ben cooked and we ate our breakfast on the balcony overlooking the sea. Very sophisticated!

Jon gave me a lift home, got a text from Ben saying he couldn't get up his road to his house because this had occured half way up it. Eek!

Zoe came and got me after I freshened up, and for the first time in years I left the house without wearing any denim. Went to the beach with her and Annie (woo!) which was fantabulous. Zoe covered herself in orange ice lolly.

Dropped Annie at home, and picked up John. Went to Zoe's, shortly followed by Jodie, Russell and random bloke. We all ate copious amounts of pizza before me, Zoe and John headed off down to Gee's. Matt soon arrived and he made me laugh a lot (quote "What were you still funking your shaky thing?"). Very good

I do apologise to all present if I was rather mopey and dismal for the last hour or so. Will make it up to you all.

Right now, just before I go to bed, I feel horrible. Am I a complete and utter wanker or something? Going to bed now, hoping I feel better this time tomorrow. :o(

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