Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Meet The Folks

Gareth came round last night, and we sorted some things out yet again. Which was cool. He then had to come sit in back garden and meet Mum, Tony, and the Evil Twins. Very scary indeedy!

Feel a lot better today. Work is so busy at mo tho and because everyone is on holiday theres no point in me floorwalking, so I don't. Was staring at the electronic boards that give us statistics when suddenly a message appeared "Jason stop looking at me and do some work". He he....

I am babysitting tonight.

Ben seems to want to come to Brighton... seeing him three weekends in row... very scary!

OK as always when there's a problem in my family that needs sorting via a massive amount of snooping/stalking/impersonating or just plan defrauding, my family have turned to me. They wanted to locate someone who was upsetting David. So I handed them a map to his home, a note of his neighbours names, and his phone number. And they didn't even bat an eyelid. I mean, even I'm scared by how easily I do that!

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