Monday, August 18, 2003

Where Fort Art Thou Oh Blog?

OK Thursday Gareth came over, picked me up and we went to Ashford, had a drink at the Man of Kent and a Pizza Hut. Good to see him. Friday don't remember what I did. Oh wait yes I do. I lost Friday to Sim City 3000.

Work on Saturday was fun, very quiet on the phones, so the four of us (me, Stacey, David (the nice young one) and Kelly) sat round sending funny emails. Haven't laughed so hard in ages. Discovered mum has an obsession with the Darkness. She is a crazy mum. Saturday night Mum, Tony and Debbie went to my Uncles Nic's 40th Birthday fancy dress do. Mum was wearing a very fruity hat, Tony dressed in a bright tropical shirt and wearing rastafarian hair and Debs in a pink dress with a blonde wig. The whole street turned up to stare. Most exciting thing to happen in Lympne since the last time a zoo keeper got squashed by an elephant.

Gareth showed up to help me babysit Beth and George. Don't be too shocked but I cooked us a Mexican for tea! (Thanks to El Paso!) And we had a lovely evening. Gareth stayed the night.

Sunday got up discovered hung over Graham and Debbie downstairs, plus some hilarious stories about Uncle Derek. Mwhahaha.... Me and Gareth escaped to Canterbury for lunch at Bar 11 (Thai Green Chicken Curry was yummy!!!!!!!!!) and bought DVD's. Mine were Halloween 2 and But I Am A Cheerleader. Went home discovered Uncle David, Uncle Nic, Auntie Martine and Nan had turned up. And Mum (cruelly) introduced Gareth to them all. Poor G. Found him on my bed hiding under pillows going "VERY SCARY". He he....

Watched Star Trek Nemesis... hmmm... can;t decided whether I like it or not. Then G went home, and I watched my DVD. Cheerleader was pretty cool.

Can't seem to find the energy to bother with this blog much any more!

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