Saturday, August 02, 2003

Spent yesterday in training. At lunch me, Patricia, Stacey, David, Lisa and Jackie went and had a drink over at Brewsters, where we started an argument over change, which turned into a racous, which turned into Patricia belittleing the staff while everyone else hid behind a pillar.... eek!

Everyone at work got bought a Happy Meal... Jackie gave me hers... Got two Transformer toys! Woo!!

I think the new computer system should be quite an improvement really. I am crossing fingers that I won't completely forget everything when it goes live!

Tonight, despite have absolutely no money now I supposed to be going out with Ben and Jon to Skuba/Caddies. If I can get money it should be a laugh!

Am missing Gareth at the mo. :o(

OK something to do in London next time I/we go: a BBC tour. Suggested via one of my random conversations with a BBC freelancer. Don't ask!

On a positive note: Good News.. ish

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