Friday, August 22, 2003

Let's See What You Think You Saw

Tuesday me and Zoe made a foolish error and attempted to go to the cinema. On cheap Tuesday. Fools! So it was absolutely jammed packed, never seen it that busy, after spending ages trying to park, we got into the cinema to find Pirates of the Caribbean was full. Shucks! Headed to Blockbuster and rented out the Waterboy which was ok.

Wednesday I did some floorwalking at work. It's so busy at mo. :o( And Total Plonker (TP - formerly David the Old) was going on blaming his gay neighbours for being noisy as they didn't have children. Yes that's right. They are noisy because they are gay. That's straight logic for ya!

Thursday I went to the cinema with Zoe, John, and Claire and saw Pirates which was totally great. Johnny Depp shivered my timber. Mmmm... (sorry about bad pun!)

Friday did final training for new system. Old system closed today. New one up on Tuesday. Eek.... Was late for work... got stuck behind cows. Darn the country side!! TP kept calling me clever and stuff.... I hate people who think I'm intelligent... they don't begin to comprehend the disaster of asking me for help!

Tis Bank Holiday Monday coming up so it's a long weekend for me! Woo!!!

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