Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Judgement Day

The new computer system at work really smells and generally makes life difficult. Grr....

I went to the Leas Club yesterday with Zoe and Jodie. We were joined by *deep breath now* Arron, Robin, John, Elliot (ringleader), Claire, Smiley Laura, and Kim. Now that's a gathering to make even the coldest heart glow. Twas just like old times.

Robin told me an amusing story about how some rudies had driven up to Skuba and started blasting out that Gay Bar song, and got beat up. By the patrons. Ah, that makes me smile with a certain evil glee. Divine justice perhaps? Forget Stonewall. We have Skuba!

The cute conductor on the train gave me a pound off my ticket today. What a sweet heart.

OK..... I have been reviewed! Yes The Weblog Review finally has my site listed! Woo! Read the review here. I was expecting it to be really awful and scathing. Turned out to be quite good although reading that has made me think: am I not the biggest drama queen ever???

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