Monday, June 02, 2003

Makes Me Much More Harder

OK on Saturday I caught a train up to Ramsgate to see Gareth, after quick spotting of Zoe at Safeways. We bought some pizza from Sainsburys, watched last weeks Six Feet Under, and listened to some music. Among other things.... :op

On Sunday we rented out The Signs from Blockbuster which was ok, and I bought Children of the Corn 2 which I am watching now (don't go into the corn you fools!!!!!!). Had a great time with Gareth as always.

Last night got home, Zoe picked me up from the station and me, her, John and Elliot went to Spoons Had fun.

Work went really quickly today. Ewww.... flying pieces of corn.. ouch....

In other news... have found myself fancying Craig from Hollyoaks... am seeking therapy.. :op

Ten minutes later... slaps wrist... I need hand cuffs or something....

EVEN LATER... and you thought I was sick... Guy Burnet who plays Craig in Hollyoaks is nineteen... phew! Now I don't feel so dirty... yay!

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