Friday, June 20, 2003


Wednesday Gareth took me out to Canterbury for my birthday. Much fun! We had a drink in Bar 11, before we moved on to Rizzi's, a restaurant for a very lovely meal, Italian no less, and then to the Beer Cart Arms, where there was much moshing and scariness. Stayed over he's.

Got up very early and Gareth took me to train station, station lady put me on wrong train so had to change at Ashford, got to London and tubed to St. Pancras, got a train to Sheffield which was delayed (joy) scared train manager who was cute by lusting after him in a dribble dribble Ellie style! He he....

Got to Sheffield, was met by Adam. Very random! Chris and Pete turned up as had been hiding upstairs. We headed for shop, then Chris' house, started drinking, went and meet one of Pete's mates Naomi, who was lovely and took her to Chris to drink. Then we all headed out to Case Bar which was fun and drunk even more. Headed home, drunk more, Pete and Chris cooked sausgaes, went to bed. Woke up smelling of bloke, went to shop with Chris, then everyone else got up, headed out to uni to first send Adam off to Leeds, then caught a tram (!!!) and then to try a patanosta. This is scary lift like thingy which was much funness!!!

Then meet up with Naomi and headed off to uni bar, drunk Snakebite Black.... mmm... then came here... mmm....

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