Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Don't Need The Sunshine

Gareth came and picked me up after work last night and we went down to Bar Vasa where Jon joined us. We went off on random trip to Tesco's, got a take away chinese (hmmm... Gareth paid for it again sneakily) and then went and ate it round Jon's. Drunk way too much. Had a great evening.

My brain is over working.

Have been following Gert's encounters with customer service people with amusement. Being one of those faceless, first name only customer service people I have to defend our kind! At both call centres I have worked for I have found all but the barest minority of agents go out of their way in search of an answer for a customer query almost constantly. I occassionally do too.

This is despite the fact I find constantly the people you talk to treat you like a barely out of school, inarticulate, and rather rude young lad no matter how nice, sympathetic and knowledgeable you are. They don't listen. They are impolite and lack even the most basic of social ettiquette. Whether they come from Surrey or from Luton they seem to have only the smallest amount of knowledge about basic concepts (like how to write "Not At This Address" on an envelope). I'm 19 and I had a greater understanding of how to pay bills, and use the postal service than people in their 30s and 40s BEFORE I worked for a utility!!!! I have found the best way to deal with customers is to deal with them in a polite but totally professional way, not to make special allowances unless they are polite and treat you like a human being, and to make sure that their query is answered in such a way they never need contact us again.

Rant ends. *breathes*

Probably seeing Gareth again Saturday! Yeah! Still no news on whether I've got that job that I was interviewed for *crosses fingers... no customers!*

I really missed Melly today. Very random but true.

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