Sunday, June 22, 2003

And That Was The Weekend That Was

So Friday after completing my last post we all headed to... a bar... and drank more. Hmm..... noticing total theme going on!! Is that what you meant Gert?

Then we went to Naomi's house so she could put clean clothes on, headed to Chris', then made our way to Devonshire Cat and then Corporation which was great, but mainly cos of the company and not the place itself. Smelt of dope. Danced badly. As always! Headed home, via triple cheese burger bought from dodgy greasy burger stand.

Got up early next morning and headed to Ramsgate via... long train journey's and some barging on tube. Took days (well 6 hours... ) Got to Gareths, Jon joined us and we headed off to Canterbury (that is Bar 11, Oranges, West Bar, Beer Cart Arms and Bar 11 [again]). Everyone seemed to be dressed as cowboys (or I was having drunkern delusions). Drunk copious amounts of JD as was going to be dancing later and needed to be drunk... but didn't get JDrunk, just normal drunk (please note I just copyrighted JDrunk). Jon, being our designated driver for evening, drove us to Woodys (forever Caddies in my head) the gay club that is strangely in the middle of nowhere! Danced, saw sexiest cowboy in world, was joined briefly by lady named Michelle, and had a really good time.

Today I went to cinema with gareth to see Bruce Almighty (ok film). two blokes from caddies last night were there too. Just got home... zonked out!

Memories: Pete smashing bottle in Interval for no reason, Pete discovering suitcase of porn lying round Sheffield, discovering the world is a giant film and most people are extras (I got to be a guest star!), and topless cowboy.

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