Friday, June 27, 2003

Richard And Steph To The Rescue

Last night Zoe came and picked me up from home, we stopped and picked up Pete and headed for Spoons, John joined us and we had a meal. After that for old times sake we headed down to Gee's, I played on the jukebox (as always).

Growing bored we made our way to the beach where we talked shit for about an a hour all about childrens TV shows of yesterday year.

Then it got cold so we retreated to Pete's house. Leaving Pete there Zoe gave John a lift home. As we got on to the A20 Zoe's lights began to fade.

We pulled into a dark and scary layby, and switched off the car. Zoe called her dad (Richard) who came and decided we needed to get it going again as we couldn't leave it there all night. So Zoe's mums car arrived with spark plugs and we got the car going really quickly.

From the layby it is about a 2 minute drive to my house. Thats if you are travelling at snail speed. We formed a convoy Richard at the front, Zoe in the middle and Steph (Zoe's mum) at the rear. All 300 yards later, in the middle of bloody no where the police flashed us and pulled us over!!! And Zoe turned the car off!! Eek!!

Well anyway they understood the problem, we got the car going again after much trying and drove it to my house where it currently sits.

Poor Zoe's car.

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