Saturday, June 28, 2003

Insert Sickly Childrens TV Song Title Here

Yes I have been downloading even more kids TV themes, such as Galaxy High, David The Gnome, Denver The Last Dinosaur and Bravestar. Fun!!

So yesterday.... Zoe got her car fixed, so me, her, and Pete drove up to the Park and ride just outside Canterbury, and got a bus in. I bought stuff and we met John, and woo, Canterbury guys are HOT! Also went to a T.K Maxx, where I suffered from a phobia of being kidnapped and sold at discount. Eek!!

Zoe dropped us off back in Folkestone, and we went to Spoons, McDonalds, the Leas Club, the Harp Club (like my old student union it was dark, dank, and smelly) and then back to Spoons where I saw Mel from work, and the lovely Julia who was last seen at the works do where I got off my face drunk.

Today I am in a really bad mood. I mean, breaking things kind of mood. :o( Hmm.... mainly over money stuff (when am I not depressed over money stuff!) Means I don't get to see Gareth today which makes my mood even worse. :o((

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