Monday, June 09, 2003

Ain't Nobody Does It Better

On Saturday Gareth came and picked me up after work and we went to Ashford. We had a Pizza Hut meal, a little drive, and went and saw "Bringing Down The House" which was very good. Then I stayed over his place after a drive that involved a McFlurry diversion.... mmm....

The next day after watching Attack of the Clones and Jeepers Creepers ("Where'd you get those peepers?") he dropped me off back home.

One week till my break. Am trying to get a second week off as well. I haven't had a break in a year!!!!!

I am on a mission to spend as little time in my house as possible these days, as may be seen by the now fluctuating frequency of my posts. The reason. Family is driving me slowly, but quite surely, to an early grave, and they make me deeply unhappy when I am at home.

9 Days Till My Birthday. I shall be 20. Yay!! Two decades of moi.

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