Monday, June 16, 2003

Hoochie Momma

Friday was my last day at work for two weeks. Got my present which was a Justin Timberlake album. Yay!!!! After work gareth was running late, so wandered up to Skuba, had a drink, randomly phoned Nan and also Pete. Then Gareth arrived, we had a drink at Bar Vasa, then went for a meal at Brewsters. After that, (apologises to Zoe and John who I stood up) we went food shopping and then got to his house. Gareth had bought me a yellow smiley face thingy that made funny noises when you waved it around. Most random!!

Saturday, we went shopping in Maidstone where there were some utterly fine bois. I bought a history of the USA, Christine (Stephen King), some Calvin Klein "Crave" to replace that which i bought during my Eurotunnel sneaking shopping trip so long ago, and we had a good time.

Did you know that there is a HUGE gay cruising ground lurking invisibly off the road between Maidstone and the M2 near Detling? And it is incredibly busy during the day time. Was most intruiged. Wouldn't you just love to know, how gay cruising grounds appear? It's just so random.

Sunday we went to Whitstable for a drink, then down to Ashford cineworld to see "Identity" (quite original and very watchable) and then had a Pizza Hut. Got back to his place after a detour, and watched Six Feet Under.

Just got home now after a nice train journey. Was a great weekend.

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