Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The Man With The Scar On His Neck

Lympne is scary. Currently a village rumour has started which goes thus "There is a man with a scar on his neck asking young boys to go off to the woods with him to help him find his puppies".

I have a few problems with this rumour. No one seems to know where it started 'cept "some" boys reported he had approached them (no, no one knows who these boys are). But maybe it is true. In which case children should be warned "Don't speak to strangers" as I was when I was ickle. But no. The adults in Lympne tell them the whole story, and this obviously leads to complex questions like "If he hasn't got any puppies what does he want us to find?" Then the adults make it all sexual.

I thought we were supposed to be trying to not sexualise these children???? *shakes head in incomprehension* This nations obsession with paedophilia continues to worry me.

Zoe came round last night and we watched "Dude Where's My Car?" which as you know I lurve...

Gareth is away in Cornwall at the mo.... and semi incomunicado... :o(

Oooo.... scariness... was just leaving work and Simon appears from the coffee machine room..... ah! Very unexpected! Hi Simon!! Does he work for Folkestone and Dover?

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