Monday, June 30, 2003

A Few Things

Firstly, Mum knows about Gareth. Strange as I didn't tell her, but I m not too secretive so I can see that she has obviously put two and two together and got a synopsis of my love life. This of course means I can be a bit more open, my parents getting info from me is like drawing blood from a stone! So well done to them.

Secondly, work has been very strange. There are loads of new people, and most of the people in my "pod" of 4 desks have been moved away. :o( Oh well new friends to make!

Thirdly, erm, I am back at work as you may guess from the above paragraph. Hmm... I definetly need to become a gentlemen of leisure as work is way too much like hard graft for my liking!

Fourthly, you may have noticed that in the last month and a half my posts have become a lot less regular. Sorry it's just I have been pretty busy... normal service will resume!!

Hmm... this is good news but also shows that this government really is too scared to be truely original. I completely agree with what Peter Tatchell says:

"It is a pity the government has opted for an unimaginative, watered down version of marriage, instead of having the foresight to devise an entirely new, modern legal framework for partnership recognition."

The Guardian has the document to download in full.

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