Monday, June 23, 2003

Dream A Little Dream With Me

Things really do seem to be rather dandy right now. I have a job, a permanent one with a contract. I have a boyfriend who is fun and gorgeous and many other things. (Yes the one on the left is me, see sometimes I show my face!) I have lots of mates, and prospects are good for future funness. In fact no time since 1998 has been so pleasant. Just thought I'd share my mood that, I am sure you'll agree, is much improved of late. :o)

Today Zoe came and picked me up and we went shopping in town. We had lunch at Spoons. All very nice. She bought a handbag, I bought The Birdcage, You've Got Mail, also Insomia by Stephen King and some Dean R Koontz book (think it's called Strange Highways).

Off to London tomorrow to visit musuems and do intellectual stuff with Zoe and John.

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