Sunday, December 16, 2007


So... Friday was the first real quiet day at work we've had since the beginning of October and it was actually bearable for once. After finishing up there we headed round to the Wheatsheaf for some Friday night drinks where we formulated plans to answer the phones on Christmas Eve in the voices of Star Wars characters. Oh drunken plans are so much fun, are they not?

However, in all this wonderful drinking I'd forgotten my parents were coming up to see Madness and had planned to stop by our local to see Jim and I (as if we are ever there!). After getting a text message to that effect I rushed from Vauxhall to Greenwich and briefly said hi to them and a couple of their friends (who offered to give me a lift to the TVW Christmas do as their works Christmas do was happening at the same time and place).

With them gone I settled down for a few drinks and a meal with a rather inebriated Jim and then headed home.

Saturday I caught up with some shows (Supernatural, Reaper, Kitchen Nightmares) before heading out to catch a train to Westenhanger. I got to my parents house, got ready to go out and before I knew it my lift had arrived. We stopped off to pick up someone else... Phil the local shopkeeper. He was a little surprised to see me and exclaimed "It's the two litre bottle of diet coke man!" Ah... finally the fame I've been craving for so long.

We were the first to arrive at the East Cliff Pavilion and chatted over a pint before our respective companies arrived and we split up. It was nice to see Stacey and I caught up on the goss. Sadly Henry didn't show like he'd promised. :(

The meal was nice, traditional fare. The bar was staffed by one hell of a gorgeous barman as my drunken post may have indicated. He was 6'6" (yeah, a little short for my liking but hey I'm not prejudiced) and looked like John Barrowman except sexier and moxier. I'm going to state it again... EVERY time I go back to Folkestone I am consistently amazed by the quality of the talent down there.

We finished up at about half one and I dreaded waiting for the taxi with my two very drunk fellow Lympneites... but we skipped the queue when I told the dispatcher where we were going... No taxi driver is going to turn his nose up at that kind of a fare!

Todays trip home was hellish... Westenhanger to London Victoria (bloody signal failures at Charing Cross) then to Vauxhall then Waterloo then finally home.

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