Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas - How Can It Go So Fast????

Christmas Eve Jim and I headed to the locals Christmas Quiz after watching Muppets Christmas Carol and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

We had a team of six (Jim, me, Mark, Jo, Gloria and Gus) whilst our neighbours Rod and Melissa had a team of 4 right next to us. Had a brilliant time and thanks to Jim swotting up beforehand our team, the Tailenders, came third out of nine and won a bottle of wine each.

Christmas Day. We awoke quite late (nothing to do with the night before surely??? ;) ) and opened our presents. I got more presents than I've had in years. Jim got me The Times Complete History of the World, the Temeraire books: The Throne of Jade and The Black Powder War and Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 9. My family got me The Empire of Ivory, Shadow World, Lord of the Flies, Extraordinary Animals Revisited and Heart Shaped Box.

I'm told that more presents now await back in Folkestone. Woo!

After a quick nap and some watching of You've Got Mail we headed to the local again, swapped cards and Merry Christmasses with the regulars before the pub shut... with us inside... What?? Didn't I tell you we had been invited around for dinner by the landlord and his husband? ]

Yes... we had a most lovely Christmas dinner, cooked by a proper chef, with a Mushroom and Onion soup to start, a starter of duck in a crispy pancake, salmon and a Sea Bass fish cake, a main course of Gammon, Turkey, Lamb and bacon cover sausages (the lamb was so nice) and then desert of Christmas Pudding followed by coffee and wine.

We were join by Karen (a regular at the pub who provided us with some wonderful songs between courses, she has an amazing voice!), Morris, and Anna Lee (an elderly German who took the traditional Nan's role in the event).

Afterwards we all sat around watching the landlords husbands brother Sri Lankan wedding on DVD. I thought it was all going to be very awkward but it was delightful and I got the most lovely scarf as a Christmas present from the landlord. Yum!

I trust that you, Dear Constant Reader, had as wonderful a day as I did. And here's wishing you a brilliant holiday and a wonderful 2008 too!

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