Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Consumerism Makes Me Sick

I'm not anti capitalist. I'm not anti buying nice things for oneself. As you, Dear Constant Reader, know I love getting new books and DVDs and things.

However, I am becoming increasingly horrified by the state of our nation and it's obsession with consuming.

I can't understand people who spend their free time INTENTIONALLY queuing for consumer goods (rather than necessary ones). I can't understand people who buy things on Christmas Day. I really can't understand people who buy things online so close to Christmas (it's not like late deliveries at Christmas are unexpected hence why I bought my stuff at the end of November!).

I just logged onto my works query system to see Christmas Day emails are up 400% on last year... that's really sad. There is more to life than this rat race and yet people seem intent on just following the herd and becoming sad consumers just like the business world wants us to be.

One of the most common conversations you'll hear out in the real world is the "customer services/call centres suck" conversation. I see this as more of a sad reflection on those who call call centres than anything else. I'm a normal person, with a bank account and a real life. But I haven't been in a bank in two years (which makes me terribly scared of that woman from the First Direct adverts who claims that when she calls her bank at 3 a.m. there is someone there... doesn't that frighten anyone else? HAS SHE NO LIFE???).

And I've called a call centre only once this year and that was because they asked me to! I can't believe how many people I know who are on the phones to various companies EVERY day. What are they doing? Are they just signing up for everything that gets advertised on telly and then spending the rest of their life bugging those companies because (quelle surprise!) their service doesn't live up to that advertised?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I'm not consuming enough and thus not needing to contact companies enough. But whatever it is I just never seem to have the same customer service stories that other people do.

I pray I never become like the freaks out there who spend their lives in queues and on the phone... who never have the time to relax, veg out and enjoy their short time on this planet because they spend their time conforming to the current social norms. If there's one thing I'll always be thankful for it's my fear of crowds and my hearty dislike of shopping. They've saved me from becoming just another sheep.

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