Thursday, December 06, 2007

Groundhog Year

Working for the company I work for is a lot like being trapped in a similar time loop as Bill Murray was but just it's on an annual rather than daily basis.

No matter what happens, every single year the same things happen... Christmas Trees go out of stock. Diaries get discontinued. Ok... everything gets discontinued. But no matter what... no matter how often I prophesise these events nothing ever gets changed or fixed or corrected. I suppose at least it's predictable. I know that in February things will cheer up again...

I've been working until late this week to fix the issues and I'm starting to feel like I'm not actually getting any me time. I wake at 6.30, I'm out the door before 7am at work by half 7 and then I'll leave work at 7pm and get home at 8pm. Then it'll start all over again. I hate it...

There is nothing in this world that depresses me more than serious talk of the destruction and slicing up of the country of my birth. You think the Scots don't like the English now? Just wait until they find out the English won't let them keep anything... God Save The Union.

Oh well... no matter what happens, my heart shall be forever British.


  1. Like you I am perplexed and aghast at what could happen in the next 10 or 20 years. Luckily any split is unlikely to be violent in the way that the separation of Ireland was, but it will undoubtedly cause a great deal of disruption - all completely unnecessary.

    I'm "British" and wish to remain so, even if I'm equally happy to be Scots as well, just as I expect you are to be English.

  2. Personally I label myself either British or a Man of Kent. To me the English label lumps a whole host of cultures into one blotted category.

  3. Well I can understand that - I know people from Kent, Yorkshire and some other parts of England (Cornwall, Cumbria etc) have strong local loyalties. I suppose I really consider myself, apart from being 'British', as a 'Highlander'; the thing that really scares me about Scottish 'independence' is the inevitability that we would all be ruled from the central belt of Scotland, particularly the Glasgow area, a part of Scotland with a truly shocking history so far as local government goes in the past 50 years, in the way that Liverpool had with Derek Hatton or London had with Livingstone under the GLC and now as Mayor. Anyway, quite apart from all these practical considerations, my emotional loyalty is 'British', although not in any exclusive way - I'd feel just as happy with EU citizenship or world citizenship, although the latter at least is probably really pie-in-the-sky stuff! Meantime I'm British :)

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