Saturday, December 22, 2007

If you buy stuff off the net on Christmas Day... should be pitied. What kind of freak shops at all, let alone online, on Christmas Day???

I'm an atheist and even I see the value in having one day a year where normality doesn't exist.

Honestly... it leaves me speechless that millions of people are so sad as to want to create work for other people on Christmas Day... STOP IT NOW!


  1. I know what you mean ;)

    However, I doubt that the goods will be shipped on Christmas Day itself, even if the order is placed then - I expect it will all start to be actioned on 27th December.

    I worked for many years in the Middle East and therefore quite often had to work on Christmas Day, unless it happened to fall on a Friday as we (a bank) were obviously open to the public that day. However our Moslem staff were very helpful whenever that happened and as soon as we closed to the public we British/Americans were out the door and the Moslem staff did all the close-up for us. Then it was off to the beach for a very festive lunch before having a formal dinner in the evening (usually black ties, roaring fire with full air-cinditioning to make the temeprature with a roaring fire bearable - lol).

    Not everyone amongst the expat community was as lucky as us however and there would always be a few rather sad westerners who visited the bank on Christmas Day to transact some pretty mundane business - all they really wanted was a friendly greeting and someone to talk to briefly on what was obviously a very lonely day for them, presumably away from their families in whichever country they came from. If a piece of shortbread and a cup of coffee could brighten their day a little, then it was the least we could do; obviously champagne or other alcoholic beverage was out of the question, unfortunately. Our attitude was always to try and show empathy.

    I am not religious either, but I nevertheless wish you a Joyous Christmas and a Peaceful, Happy and Prosperous New Year :) - now as I must receive my first houseguest tomorrow I really need to get off to bed ...

  2. The goods might not be shipped but most big companies will have people on duty to keep the website up and running should. We should all try to give them a break on Christmas Day!

    I love the idea of your guys putting the air conditioning on just to have a roaring fire! The things people will do to get that Christmas feeling!

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